Tunnel ventilation for road and rail

Tunnel ventilation system

■ A complete acoustic tunnel analysis is the basis for the calculations of the silencers.
Where required, our absorption silencers can be supplemented by resonator chambers.
The computer assisted design is checked and verified in GOWA’s own acoustic measurement duct,
if necessary. The design engineering of the silencer splitters and turning vanes is optimised so as to
minimized pressure loss. In this way operation cost can be significantly reduced.

■ For tunnel applications GOWA has developed a hot-dip galvanized and additionally
coated splitters to guarantee high durability in the special tunnel atmosphere.

Layout Item

1) Weather-resistant louvers

2) Silencer for air supply an air discharge ducts

3) Turning vanes

4) Soundproofing partitions

5) Acoustic / thermal fan insulation