Flexibility thanks to qualified partners

Manufacturing at our subsidiary Metallbau Luckau GmbH

Flexibility thanks to qualified Partners

  • In order to assure the maximum flexibility, productivity and quality, we cooperate exclusively with companies, that are audited by us.
  • As a consequence, GOWA not only holds a huge asset of modern machines, tools and storage capacity, but also employs a highly qualified team of experts. Accordingly, projects with high staff requirements can be processed quickly and with reliability as well.
  • Choosing the appropriate material as well as testing and evaluating new developments to meet the requirements of ever possible practical application are two of GOWA’s core competencies.

Selected materials and development of new products

  • A wide range of differing materials aligned to the respective application purpose (like temperature or other circumstances)
    are available to manufacture the silencers.


Safety guaranteed by our skilled Team

  • Excellent logistics management, highly qualified assembly operatives as well as competent construction site managers ensure that your project will be completed successfully and according to plan.
  • By designing our parts also considering the transport, we are able to deliver our products even to almost inaccessible construction sites. 
  • The number of national and international benchmark projects is the result of flawless work and above-ave-rage customer satisfaction.
Continuous high Standard
  • If necessary, our team will specially qualify installation contractors worldwide. By consistent supervision of all assembly work, we guarantee that there will be compromise on product quality or fidelity to deadlines.